What is "ULTITEC"

ULTITEC’s Promise

DEREKDUCK launched own protective clothing brand ULTITEC in 2008 with brand slogan “Act without fear!”. This is to commend frontline heroes as they are the ones dealing with toxic dust or liquid hazards, and ULTITEC can be their occupational safety shield in preventing workplace disasters. ULTITEC is made of words “ULTIMATE” and “PROTECTION”, as our intention is to make sure frontline operators get appropriate protection even though exposed to dangerous environment and get home safely after mission completed.

Supporting Graphic “Invincible Armor”

1. Symbolize ULTITEC protective clothing is like a solid shield

Derived from Iron Man, the only one that does not have extraordinary powers among the superheroes of Marvel, and he successfully protected the people from various threats by continuously enhancing the armor. It symbolizes the frontline operators wear ULTITEC protective clothing will be protected completely like wearing invincible armor. Even though they work in hazardous environments, they can return home safely after tasks are completed.

2. Express ULTITEC’s wholehearted protection

The graphic is constructed based on an overlap of two hands, and it expanded from the middle to the outside. It conveys ULTITEC’s mind of protecting the end-users from the bottom of the heart as always.

3. Echo the origin of the brand

“Invincible armor” is also originated from ULTITEC’s brand name “ULTIMATE” “PROTECTION”. With ULTITEC’s ultimate protection, end-users can “Act without fear!

With CE certification, high quality, reasonable price

With nearly 30 years experience in nonwoven industry, our quality assurance system is inspected and certified by SGS and fully meets the requirement of Regulation (EU) 2016/425  (Module D). ULTITEC, manufactured under the rigorous quality standard, strictly follows the European Norm specified in Category III of the regulation for chemical protective clothing. DEREKDUCK is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and a registered supplier for the US FDA.

Act without fear!

When working at the front lines dealing with toxic dust or liquid hazards, all of these workers are heros. They need to work fearlessly, we commend all the front-line personnel. ULTITEC has been applied in several international rescue events. Through cooperation with end users, distributors, suppliers and teammates, we actively promote the brand mission of “Act without fear!” which frontline operators can perform daily tasks safely in a workplace full of hazardous substances without worries.