ULTITEC 2000 & ULTITEC 1000L protective clothing applied for Turkey gas plant asbestos removal operation

By 2017-06-08News

Photo Credit: Diken / DHA

How serious can asbestos hazards cause? Turkey local online press revealed that around 15% to 40% of the asbestos was measured from a gas plant demolishment in Ankara and was detected as amphibole which is the most danger of asbestos strain. That was announced by the Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch and the Chamber of Chemical Engineers. They claimed “The Ministry of Education has demanded that the schools in that region be vacated until the end of the demolition process, and the residents must move to elsewhere until the precautions are taken. ”

In the report, it was argued that the construction demolition operation did not realise the fatal threat of asbestos dust caused by asbestos removal. In the end, Mayor of Ankara explained that they put “filiform canvas” to prevent these hazardous dusts spreading during the demolition.

In this case, those working staffs had to wear a full set of PPE equipment: disposable protective clothing, disposable gloves, work shoes and respiratory protection equipment. Protective clothing is the crucial PPE for protecting workers’ skin from contacting the fine asbestos fibers.

ULTITEC 1000L and ULTITEC 2000 protective clothing were used for their physical protection.

To see the whole article: http://www.cumhuriyet.com.tr/foto/foto_galeri/687956/5/Ankara_da_kimyasal_alarm__Turunun_en_tehlikelisi__halki_tahliye_edin_.html

Choose the qualified protective clothing for asbestos removal operation

Normally, the sizes of asbestos fibers are 3-20 μm. The CE Type 5 (EN ISO 13982) inward leakage test applies the test substance, sodium chloride (Aerosol), and the particle size range is 0.06 to 2µm (0.6 average). Type 5 garment can provide good protection against dry particulates hazards.

Furthermore, garments meet CE EN 1073-2, protection against radioactive particulate contamination particles, which require more restrict criteria against particulates so that garments provide higher protection level and more suitable for asbestos resistant application.

In addition, asbestos removal work usually need to sprinkle water to prevent dust spreading during operating, so the protective clothing also required waterproof capacity. ULTITEC 2000 fabric can provide waterproof and breathability, to protect from very small dry particles and liquids perfectly.

To know more about Asbestos Hazards Protection: http://www.derekduck.com/page/196

Asbestos removal protective clothing - Waterproof: ULTITEC 2000

Smooth & Low linting

Preventing from asbestos particulates adhering on the garment and reducing the risk of contamination to work environment.

Great chemical liquid resistance prevents from potential risk in working environments.

Asbestos removal protective clothing - Economy: ULTITEC 1000L

Excellent particulate barrier

The fabric filters resist 99.8% of particles of size 0.5-1 μm.

Lightweight & more durable

Light, multi-layer SMS fabric provides great tear and puncture resistance. More comfortable and durable.