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R&D in Taiwan, convert in China, market worldwide. With over 27 years experience, DEREKDUCK offers OEM/ODM accounts specialized consultant service, outstanding from competitors.

Integrated Value

DEREKDUCK provides one-stop service from production to distribution. We manage quality and cost closely to enhance product value and save customer’s expenses.

Certified Quality

Products pass various EU certifications: protective garments certified by CE Cate III Type 3 – 6; medical non-woven tested by ASTM & AAMI. Derekduck is also a registered supplier to U.S. FDA, ISO 9001:2015 and CE Module D accredited.


Chemical Permeation Data
- Chemical Protection -Blog

Chemical Permeation Data on ULTITEC Website

The most important thing when it comes to buying a coverall is to make sure the coverall you pick can protect you from whatever you are facing. Hence, if you are dealing with chemicals during your tasks, it is highly recommended to check “Chemical Permeation Data” beforehand. Step 1. Find…
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- PPE Regulations -Blog

Type 4 & Type 6 Coverall Test Method

The CE certificate stands out as the most rigorous certification for coveralls. This designation is attributed to several factors. Unlike other certificates that primarily evaluate the materials and finished product of coveralls, the CE certification includes a "Real person test" to assess the garment's ability to withstand movements during tasks.…
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Coverall, protective clothing for bird flu
- Occupational Safety -Blog

Coverall Recommendation for Dealing with Bird Flu

The frequency of Avian Influenza (also known as Bird Flu) outbreaks worldwide has increased over the past few years due to factors such as intensive poultry farming, climate change, and the mutation and reassortment of viruses. To address the issue of Avian Influenza on a poultry farm, several actions are…
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ULTITEC/ DEREKDUCK Participating A+A Exhibition

ULTITEC at A+A 2023: A Recap of the Highlights

If you missed the A+A trade fair last week, don't worry! Here's a recap of some of the highlights:Highlight 1: Protective Clothing Series Our coveralls are designed to protect you from a wide range of hazards in different environments. From Type 6 to Type 3, we have the perfect solution…
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Meet ULTITEC at A+A 2023!

We're thrilled to announce our return to the A+A in Dusseldorf, Germany this year! Join us at our booth to explore our latest advancements in protective clothing and discover how ULTITEC can help you go home safely, no matter what kinds of hazards you are facing. Save the Date! Date|…
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Discover Coverall Academy, Our New Education Initiative!

ULTITEC has 15 years of industry experience and is constantly engaged in CSR initiatives. We developed Coverall Academy with the goal of raising PPE awareness through education, so that everyone can go home safely. What Will You Learn? How Can We Help You? Four themes of time-saving guides available: Occupational…
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