Media Report: ULTITEC 2000 is adopted to do avian influenza prevention by Taiwan authorities in April 2016

By 2016-04-27News

There was one roue field in Tainan, Taiwan occurred suspected avian influenza (bird flu) outbreak. The local authorities had culled more than 1,800 geese on 18 April. In recent years, the bird flu had caused serious economic losses in many countries, including Taiwan, Southeast Asia and China. Therefore, any suspected cases may be leading the outbreak will give rise to governments highly attention to do the prevention.

In this incident, the frontline staffs handling the culling work were using ULTITEC 2000 protective clothing to protect themselves in workplace to avoid to the threat of contamination.

Generally, there are few important reasons to wear protective clothing for preventing bird flu:

  1. To avoid staff to be infected by virus when they working in the hot zone (infection zone).
  2. To prevent the virus spreading to non-contaminated areas caused more serious disease outbreak.
  3. To protect frontline workers’ safety from contamination when doing cleaning, disinfection, and other chemicals used.

ULTITEC 2000 protective clothing meets CE EN14126 certification, it can not only resist from waterproof, anti-blood, body fluid penetration and even virus penetration, but the fabric is breathable. In the end of 2014, WHO had announced a with protective clothing standard for preventing Ebola epidemic, ULTITEC 2000 meets and even exceeds this standard.

Except selecting the proper protective clothing, it is also very crucial works of correct donning, doffing and abandoned for epidemic prevention. A right size protective clothing is not only to reduce the risk of exposure but to give workers more free space for movement. Correct donning and doffing is able to effectively prevent people from cross-infection, such as the virus are transferred to personal clothing or transportation.

The used protective clothing must be discarded in accordance with local regulations. The hazardous contaminated protective clothing is not able to be reused. These details can protect frontline people from the risk of hazardous contamination, it should be paid more attention by whole staffs who involved the incidents.

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