Do I need to wear protective clothing?

Appropriate protective clothing is suggested if you are working in hazardous working enviroment, especially for medical operators for COVID-19.

You may check which ULTITEC coveralls are appropriate for .

What is the difference between gown and protective clothing (coverall, or jumpsuit)?

A gown provides only partial neck-to-knee protection and often has
openings in the back region.
A coverall is designed to protect entire body and enables 360 degrees of protection. Please visit here for more information.

Detail difference may refer to How Well Do You Understand Gown and Coverall?

Which ULTITEC products are recommended for COVID-19 protection?

ULTITEC 1800, ULTITEC 1800T, ULTITEC 2000, ULTITEC 3000T and ULTITEC 4000 are recommended. They are certified with EN 14126 against infective agents.
ULTITEC 2000 is the most popular and widely applied choice by global governments in disease control and management.

What certifications do you have? Do you have EN 14126 certification?

ULTITEC protective clothing is abided to Regulation (EU) 2016/425, with five models certified with EN 14126 and appropriate for COVID-19.

Which government has applied ULTITEC protective clothing?

ULTITEC has gained reputation from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Qatar, Indonesia, UAE and Myanmar health related government units.

What kind of certificate should I check before choosing a protective clothing for COVID-19 protection?

We suggested CE certificate for both Module B and Module D to comply with EU regulation. EN 14126 certification against infective agents is required in the case of COVID-19 protection.

What is WHO recommendations for protective clothing?

WHO recommended gown instead of coverall on COVID-19. Unless you are confident that the risk contact comes from the front chest and arms, a gown that meets performance requirements may be good enough.
But when COVID-19 or other unknown aerosol transmissible diseases are encountered, we recommend that an EN 14126 certified coverall is more appropriate to provide 360 degrees of protection for frontline operators.

What is EN 14126?

EN 14126:2003 is the standard to determine whether protective clothing offers necessary protection against ineffective agents, The test includes protection against blood/fluids, blood-borne pathogens, aerosol, dry and wet microbial.


Where can I download product data sheet?

You can find product related information materials clearly under each product page.

Do you have Tyvek suit?

No, we don’t supply Tyvek suit. However, ULTITEC2000 is compatible to Tyvek 500. It is widely applied by global governments for COVID-19 infection control.
There are 5 international qualified protective clothing with EN 14126 certification against infective agents.

Does ULTITEC products reach AAMI Level 4?

AAMI Level is the US Standard for Gown. For Coverall, there is only one global reference termed as EU Standard. We are fully abided to Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

Does ULTITEC protective clothing meets EN13795 standard?

EN13795 is the EU Standard for gown. ULTITEC protective clothing is abided to Regulation (EU) 2016/425, which is the latest EU standard for chemical protective clothing.

Is ULTITEC protective clothing breathable or comfortable?

ULTITEC focus on users safety as well as comfort. ULTITEC 1800, 1800T, 2000, 3000T all provides good barrier while having great breathabiltiy and agronomic design. So the wearers would appreciate ULTITEC offers not only the protection, but also comfort wearing experience while they have to wear it for long time.


How to dispose ULTITEC protective clothing?

ULTITEC products do not contain any halogenated compounds, therefore they can be incinerated or buried in a controlled landfill according to your local regulations.

How to dispose uncontaminated garment?

Uncontaminated garments can be recycled. All disposal should follow your local regulations.

How to dispose contaminated garment?

Please be careful that no contaminants come into contact with the wearer and it should be disposed in accordance with your local regulations.


How to store protective clothing?

1. Store in dry, clean conditions in original packaging.
2. Store away from direct sunlight, sources of high temperature, and solvent vapors.
3. Store within the temperature range 15°C to +25°C (58°F to 78°F) and with relative humidity below 80%.

What is the shelf life of protective clothing?

Shelf life is 60 months from date of manufacture when stored as stated above.


Can I wash or launder ULTITEC protective clothing?

Washing and laundering will impact the performance of the materials. Therefore, Washing or laundering is not recommended for ULTITEC products.

Is there any limitation when wearing ULTITEC protective clothing?

1. In contact with heavy oils, sparks or flames, or combustible liquids.
2. In environments with high mechanical risks (such as: abrasions, tears, cuts).
3. In environments with exposure to hazardous substances beyond the CE certification relating to the specific ULTITEC coverall chosen.
4. In environments with conditions of excessive heat.

How many times can I wear ULTITEC protective clothing?

It is required not to reuse ULTITEC coveralls according to EU regulation, it is users responsibility to decide if you want to reused it.
But please be careful in donning and doffing not to get contaminated if you decide to use it more than one time.


What is your normal lead time?

Normal product lead time is around 8 to 12 weeks after order confirmation. Special urgent requirements are possible prior to discussion.

How do I purchase your products?

We have a list of global distributors, please feel free to contact them directly. If you can’t find the one in your countries or you want to buy directly from us. Please send email for further detail.

What is the MOQ of ULTITEC coverall?

Our MOQ is 500pcs per size per item if you want to buy directly from us. Special requirements are possible prior to discussion.


How is the product packaging?

It is 1 piece per bag. For ULTITEC 500 to ULTITEC 3000T, there are 50 pieces per carton, while 12 pieces per carton for ULTITEC 4000 and ULTITEC 5000.

How to become your distributor?

We appreciate your interest in working with us. Please contact us for further detail.

What is the HS Code for ULTITEC products?

The HS Code is 6210.10.5000.