To assist you in selecting coverall, we launched ULTITEC App, which allows appropriate product selection and related details at your fingertips!

There are four coverall selection guide available namely Occupational Risk, Partial Body Protection, Additional Standard, and CE Certification. Through simple clicks, you can assist your users to select appropriate protective clothing to “Act without fear!” together with you!

Coverall Selection Guide

Occupational Risk

Identify your occupational risks at the workplace, and selecting the appropriate coverall accordingly from ULTITEC’s various hazardous protection, such as harmful particulate, flame retardant, hazardous liquid, saturated hazardous liquid, chemical jet protection, or light-duty job.

Partial Body Protection

In some situations, wearing a head-to-toe coverall is too troublesome or too warm. Hence, we offer three different series of partial body protection for you to choose from.

Additional Standard

To address these ever-changing workplace situations, some additional protection can be identified on protective clothing. They are specifically designed to protect against radioactive contamination, flame retardants, biological hazards, antistatic agents, and pesticides.

CE Certification

The protective clothing chosen should comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/425, and select an appropriate coverall in accordance with CE Standard will help you minimize the occupational risks.


Selection Through Simple Clicks

Multiple Languages

Detailed Product Info at a Glance

Friendly CE Test Explanation

Download our ULTITEC App now to ensure knowledge is accessed anywhere and at any time without country borders and language disabilities!

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