ULTITEC Played Significant Role During COVID-19

By 2020-03-19News

Taiwan has earned international media attention namely “How Taiwan Has Been Able to Keep COVID-19 at Bay”, “We Can Learn from Taiwan on How to Fight Coronavirus” and others. ULTITEC was proud to be part of it to ensure frontline operators wear appropriate protective clothing and back home safely after the mission has been completed.

Image Source: ULTITEC


As ULTITEC’s promise of “Act without fear!”, we would like to share some touching photoshoot moments with our valued partners that ULTITEC has greatly secured Taiwan in our own way and expertise. During evacuation flights operation from Wuhan, ranging from ground crew to medical personnel, ULTITEC 2000 became an occupational safety shield against COVID-19.

Image Source: ULTITEC

In this intense moment of COVID-19, we are well aware that everyone is implementing first-level responses to PPE requirements. While continuous spread will challenge our ability to cope calmly with the situation, we believe that using our expertise will proactively mitigate these negative impacts. Thanks for your efforts in assisting ULTITEC in protecting frontline operators together all around the world.

Image Source: Ministry of the Interior, R.O.C. (Taiwan)

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