ULTITEC’s New Supporting Graphic “Invincible Armor” Shows the Absolute Confidence in Protection

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Since the outbreaks of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, ULTITEC not only continued to conduct protective clothing-related training for distributors and end-users but also actively reviewed how to optimize our brand image. To strengthen the brand image and make the brand’s visual identity more complete, we released a new supporting graphic, which is widely used in the design of marketing materials, official websites, EDM, etc.

The design concepts of “Invincible Armor”

1. Symbolize ULTITEC protective clothing is like a solid shield

Derived from Iron Man, the only one that does not have extraordinary powers among the superheroes of Marvel, and he successfully protected the people from various threats by continuously enhancing the armor. It symbolizes the frontline operators wear ULTITEC protective clothing will be protected completely like wearing invincible armor. Even though they work in hazardous environments, they can return home safely after tasks are completed.

2. Express ULTITEC’s wholehearted protection

The graphic is constructed based on an overlap of two hands, and it expanded from the middle to the outside. It conveys ULTITEC’s mind of protecting the end-users from the bottom of the heart as always.

3. Echo the origin of the brand

“Invincible armor” is also originated from ULTITEC’s brand name “ULTIMATE” “PROTECTION”. With ULTITEC’s ultimate protection, end-users can “Act without fear!

Applications of supporting graphics:


Facebook Banner

Marketing premiums


ULTITEC pledges to be the invincible armor for end-users, and we invite you to spread our brand spirit of “Act without fear!” and protect every frontline operator around the world so that those heroes can go home safely after completing their tasks.

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