ULTITEC 3000T Promotion Stories by ULTITEC Partner

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Our partner in Pakistan, Haseen Habib Trading Private Limited, has successfully promoted ULTITEC 3000T to Engro Fertilizers, a renowned name in the fertilizer industry in Pakistan. As the largest manufacturer, importer and exporter of safety products in Pakistan, we are pleased to have this powerful partner to promote ULTITEC in their market.

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Engro Fertilizers is a fertilizer production company in Pakistan and a subsidiary of Engro Corporation. They hold a nationwide production and complete marketing infrastructure in producing fertilizer brands tailored for local cultivation demands.

The customer had been using the D brand and was already satisfied with it. We came up with ULTITEC vs. Market Equivalent Products marketing strategy by providing free samples of ULTITEC 3000T and proposed brand switching from the competitor.

We also offered extra services namely free shipping and hassle-free returns if a defect occurs to convince them. They did product analysis, inspected the coverall certification and ultimately chose ULTITEC 3000T with satisfaction. This process took place in December 2018 and, so far, ULTITEC 3000T has been well accepted with encouraging reviews.

ULTITEC 3000T was used by safety supervisors and workers in daily operations against urea, which is a colorless and odorless organic compound. Repeated or prolonged contact with urea on the skin may cause dermatitis, and high concentrations in the blood can be damaging. Therefore, they need a coverall to protect against these hidden occupational threats.

We are pleased that our efforts have paid off and successfully allowed ULTITEC coveralls to enter the fertilizer industry. We will continue to educate more users to select coveralls that best fit their workplace as “Better a thousand times careful than once dead. Be safe and smile”. We strongly believe that safety does not happen by accident, you must practice it!

Anas Zia, Sales Manager of Haseen Habib Trading Private Limited


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