The Last Mile to Go Home Safely

Imagine that you have finished a whole day long work, feeling exhausted and couldn’t wait to go home earlier and catch up for dinner with your family. In the meantime, you were chatting with colleagues while doffing your protective clothing. Suddenly, you felt a chemical burn on your body parts…

The above scene may be very familiar to frontline operators. PPE manufacturers always put a lot of focus on how to choose appropriate protective clothing, but the importance of donning & doffing process is also critical. It might seem simple, but only when implement each process strictly, can they go home safely.

But how to do the correct donning & doffing process?

ULTITEC has advised our version of donning & doffing instruction, and we also published a brand new video on YouTube.

ULTITEC has been devoted itself to educate the importance of protective clothing for 10 years. We implement “Act without fear!” as brand value and spirit, ensure frontline operators to go home safely and come back to work the next day.

Click to watch the video, and stay safe with us!

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