New Chemicals Added to ULTITEC Fabric Permeation Data

By 2019-08-23home, News

The level of chemical incidents worldwide is overwhelming every year. It emphasizes a real need for training and knowledge of chemical safety in the workplace. ULTITEC encourages you to manage the risk of hazardous chemicals by understand chemicals you are using, select appropriate PPE, store chemicals safely and train frontline operators thoroughly. You should also understand how these chemicals may enter the body and their health effects to prevent occupational safety disasters.

ULTITEC 4000 and ULTITEC 5000 was recently proven against Hydrofluoric Acid at normalized breakthrough time “>480 minutes”. It was a powerful contact poison and one of the toxic inorganic acids used for industrial purposes namely glass finishing, metal etching, and electronics manufacturing. It will cause severe skin burns and may be absorbed into blood and resulted in systemic injury. While ULTITEC 4000 can be used to protect against Sodium Cyanide, a highly toxic chemical that interfered the body’s ability to use oxygen and caused fatality. It was used for fumigation, electroplating, extracting gold and silver from ores, and chemical manufacturing.

In Europe standard, tested results are classified into 6 classes based on normalized breakthrough time when permeation rate reached 1.0 µg/cm2/min. The highest protection level was Class 6 with measured chemical permeation breakthrough results of “>480 minutes”. Please note that “>480 minutes” does not mean frontline operators are safe for more than 480 minutes, as chemicals have already seeped through fabric materials.

New fabric permeation data will be updated regularly, please contact us for the latest version. If you would like to know further on how long you are safe in ULTITEC protective clothing against particular chemical, we are ready to assist you in calculating its actual safe time to “Act without fear!” in the workplace.

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