Client Testimonial: Coverall Brand Shifting to ULTITEC 1800 in MAPFRE Perú

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MAPFRE Perú is part of the MAPFRE Group, Latin America’s largest foreign insurance group. It provides insurance services such as accident, disability, and burial plans. We are so proud of our partner Segmed Perú for successfully marketing ULTITEC 1800, and we are delighted to share his testimonial!

MAPFRE Perú is a famous life insurer here. They have an agreement with local mortuaries to prepare the dead for mass. During the process, the operators will need to deal with blood and body fluids. Furthermore, in unknown situations, they may need to prepare for biological hazards or infectious agents, such as COVID-19.

As a result, they require the EN 14126 standard to prevent potential contaminants and protect themselves in their daily operations. We knew this was an opportunity to demonstrate ULTITEC’s capability as a reliable coverall solution provider, so we presented a proposal of ULTITEC 1800 with a discount offer to motivate MAPFRE Perú to try on our coveralls.

After they tested on ULTITEC 1800 samples, MAPFRE Perú decided to brand shift from L Brand to ULTITEC. This is a solid beginning point for us since April 2022 until now, and they have had no complaints about the performance of ULTITEC 1800 in dealing with biological hazards or infective agents.

They are pleased with our coveralls not only because of the price advantage, but also because we strive to provide additional services such as useful coverall knowledge, responsive customer service, trusted product certifications, and so on. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve this renowned company and hope to maintain this positive relationship with them through our professionalism in the coverall industry!

– Mr. William Lara Lobato, Assistant Manager of Segmed Perú

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