ULTITEC Product Training Videos on YouTube

By 2020-07-01News

After COVID-19’s outbreak, we have recognized the value of online marketing in keeping business going. ULTITEC is here to help our global partners to connect with end-users by creating a valuable platform for them!

We uploaded a complete collection of online product training videos, ranging from ULTITEC 500 to ULTITEC 5000 protective clothing, including liquid proof and chemical resistance accessories.

By having these videos in hands, ULTITEC partners can:

  • Browse through these videos despite time zone differences.
  • Refresh product features at anytime and from anywhere before a briefing with end-users.
  • View multi-language captions by selecting your local language in easy clicks.

Introduction of Detailed Product Features

Multi-language Captions Available

ULTITEC is marketing in 27 countries or regions now. We continue to look for a trustworthy partner to spread the “Act without fear!” spirit over the world and it might be you!

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