ULTITEC Family Works Together Despite Nation Borders

By 2020-04-14News

We realized that the planet is actually facing a massive challenge. In every nation, we see the power of the human spirit to support one another. Thank you for using your expertise in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help this planet fight and recover from this common enemy Coronavirus. In this intense moment, we would like to share a story that touches our hearts and feels that ULTITEC is doing the right thing on the right track.

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I am truly excited to learn of ULTITEC’s increasing global product presence and relevance as the key market players in the global analysis report. You are a true success story and directly responsible for protecting millions of lives around the world daily. You deserve it and have been inspiring me for many years to push myself and know it is possible to grow Mecca into a success story.

We push ourselves everyday to always remain worthy of you trusting your brand in our hands. I still remember the rough start we had many years ago when ULTITEC refused to grant us Distributor rights. I was angry as failure is never an option for me. I waited patiently for one year and persisted again as I saw the value and potential of pursuing a relationship between our companies.

Thank you for contributing to Mecca’s growth over the years. We would not have been where we are today without you. COVID-19 is here in Trinidad. We have confirmed cases and counting. ULTITEC continues to protect the lives of our people daily, especially during this crisis. Mecca’s Trinidad warehouse was able to supplement Singapore’s demand on short notice, despite us being on the other side of the world and we were also able to meet the demands of our local market for the COVID-19 pandemic as well.

I shared the above story as I believe it demonstrates the powerful global distributor network, which ULTITEC built and continues to build with its hand-picked partners. ULTITEC brand is fast becoming the unstoppable global leader and we firmly believe you will reach the number one position in the future. It’s just a matter of time!

 –  Jameel Ali, Director of Mecca Industries Limited

We apologized for not getting a face-to-face meeting with Mecca, our trusted Trinidad partner. During this process, our contact has taken place via email, while product training has only taken place via con-call. Your team’s commitment against ULTITEC made us proud, and we really appreciate it.

I still remember that we both waited one more year for Mecca to formally joined the ULTITEC family. You are also a premium partner for ULTITEC as you have done good marketing and have a high brand loyalty. The way we appreciate the performance of our partners is not just the amount they purchased, but also the brand promotion they did to help ULTITEC become more successful on the market.

– Jason Lin, General Manager of ULTITEC

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