ULTITEC as Safety Shield to Act without fear!

By 2019-05-22News

In conjunction with 10th Anniversary of ULTITEC, we launched a new brand concept namely “Act without fear!”. This is to commend frontline heroes as they are the ones dealing with toxic dust or liquid hazards, and ULTITEC can be their occupational safety shield in preventing workplace disasters.

ULTITEC is made of words “ULTIMATE” and “PROTECTION”, as our intention is to make sure frontline operators get appropriate protection even though exposed to dangerous environment and get home safely after mission completed. By achieving so, we ensure ULTITEC fully meets safety requirements in accordance with Category III of PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

We truly appreciate your support in the past 10 years and shall continue to guide ULTITEC to the long future. Thus, we will carry out product upgrades, launch new products and customized consulting services in coming months to continue being the most appropriate protective clothing for Asian market with international safety certification, cost-effectiveness and high comfort. We are always prepared to do our best so that these heroes can “Act without fear!” in workplace.

If you would like to experience a richer brand journey, please visit our website. I hope that in near future, I can share with you more of our commitment on how to fully implement this new brand concept.

10 Year Anniversary: You bring out the best in us

Jason Lin, General Manager

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