Recognition of ULTITEC in ASEAN and South Asia

By 2018-12-10News

The “New Southbound Policy” is one of the most important policies of the Taiwan government at this stage. Its core objective is to reposition Taiwan’s economic development direction and momentum in the new stage of Asia and create a more valuable and important economic and trade strategy. ULTITEC has entered its 10th year and has partners in ASEAN and South Asia, closely promoting the importance of choosing suitable protective clothing and gradually stabilizing in the personal protective equipment (PPE) market with high quality, reasonable pricing and international certification.

Recently, General Manager Jason Lin was invited to the “Taiwan’s New South-oriented Achievements and Prospects Symposium” hosted by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and implemented by the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research to carry out “New Southbound Policy Experience Sharing Seminar”. Besides sharing ULTITEC’s market layout, international rescue application cases and brand appeals, also focuses on the importance of establishing partnerships with distributors, emphasizing the need to understand local culture, tailoring market management strategies and management methods. “Leaders’ enthusiasm for branding is the reason of ULTITEC’s sustainable operation, while our distributors are the key to market expansion.” The nearly one-hour experience sharing not only enabled the participants to understand and support the “New Southbound Policy”, but also deepened the willingness of SMEs to expand internationally.