Protection for Ten Years, ULTITEC Committed to Occupational Safety

By 2019-01-09News

We are pleased to announce that year 2019 is the 10th year anniversary celebration for ULTITEC. Throughout these years, we strictly maintain “Ultimate Protection” goal for sustainable development of protective clothing in ensuring occupational safety of frontline operators. In addition to the continuous improvement of product features in response to latest safety standard, we also encouraged frontline operators to have self-protection mindset through education promotion in preventing public security disasters.

In the past ten years, ULTITEC has achieved great accomplishment in the industry. It has become “the most appropriate protective clothing in Asia and Middle East market” based on international safety certification, cost-effective and high comfortability. This achievement is due to the efforts given by our global partners in 24 countries or regions, through their promotion assistance, ULTITEC protective clothing being distributed successfully to more than 40 countries.

Besides creating brand value based on great protection, comfortability and durability, we do adhere to three major aspects of “Responsible Manufacturing”, “Building Global Partnership” and “Good Health and Welfare” among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals issued by the United Nations. Through cooperation with end users, distributors, suppliers and teammates, we actively promote the brand mission of “Act without fear!” which frontline operators can perform daily tasks safely in a workplace full of hazardous substances without worries.

Last but not least, we themed this celebration “10 Year Anniversary: You bring out the best in us”, as we realized substantial growth of ULTITEC is due to immense efforts by everyone. Hence, a series of event will be ongoing namely: distributor thanksgiving feedback, technical service consultation, occupational safety training, product upgrades and others. I sincerely appreciate your contribution in making ULTITEC a successful brand, let us continue to uphold ” Seeking the Common Good” principle and move together towards astonishing future.

10 Year Anniversary: You bring out the best in us

Jason Lin, General Manager