A New Restart of ULTITEC Rainwear with Better Protection!

By 2015-10-07News

The Brand Formerly Known as ULTITEC Outdoor will Change name to ULTITEC Rainwear!

ULTITEC Rainwear provides 2 series: Rainwear Plus & Rainwear Lite. No matter you are working or outdoor playing, ULTITEC Rainwear can protect you from liquid hazards and aerosol particulates,moreover, a feeling of comfort and non-sticky that never slows you down!

Breathable, Lightweight , Eco-friendly! Surprise! it is non-woven!

ULTITEC, the well-known brand in chemical protective clothing, is now taking advantage of the technology in chemical protection to bring you a new wearing experience of rainwear:

  • Breathable: The body sweat can easily pass through and your skin can breathe freely.
  • Lightweight: The whole rainwear series are less than 500gram per unit and never slows you down.
  • Eco-friendly: Made by 100% polyolefin, the recyclable and eco-friendly material to our environment.

No matter you are outdoor working or sporting, ULTITEC Rainwear will keep you safe and agile! Furthermore, it is machine washable!

For more details, please contact: derekduck@derekduck.com

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