Do You Have the Proper Protection for Bird Flu?

Even though it is uncommon for humans to catch Avian influenza (also known as bird flu), but when somebody does catch it, they might become very sick or even pass away. Hence, it is important to wear full protection when workers need to depopulate or taking care of bird flu-infected animals.

According to the UK government, full protection includes appropriate coverall, disposable gloves, rubber or polyurethane boots, FFP3 respirator, and protection for eyes. (Instructions from Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland/ page 6)

Recommendations from ULTITEC:

Since workers are possible to deal with blood and body fluids during the process, it is suggested to wear coveralls that pass

  • ISO 16603: Resistance to penetration by blood/fluids
  • ISO 16604: Resistance to penetration by blood-borne pathogens

ULTITEC 1800, ULTITEC 1800T, and ULTITEC 2000 all meet and pass the requirements.

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