Understanding Antistatic Workwear & Its Applications

The demand for antistatic PPE is growing as more industries, products, and services are delivered and created using technology and microchips. A sudden electrostatic discharge can be dangerous resulting in fire, explosion, injury, or death. Workers must wear antistatic workwear to eliminate and control static buildup because non-antistatic garment can cause a sudden spark.

Wherever there is a possibility of electrostatic phenomena or work involving an explosive atmosphere, it is essential to wear antistatic workwear to ensure the lowest possible level of an accidental electrostatic discharge onto a static-sensitive device. These garments should also be worn in any industry that deals with petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, ammunition, flammable liquids, gas, fuel vapor, or coal dust.

It is important to test the antistatic performance before use because it can deteriorate over time under different storage conditions. Please keep in mind that your antistatic workwear may also require additional functions such as flame retardant, low linting, liquid protection, and so on. Do consult your Safety Manager or us to ensure you have chosen an appropriate one!

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