List of PPE for Workplace

What is PPE?

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment, which is protection for people who might be facing potential risks. This includes protection you wear during work, leisure activities, or even at home. However, most of the time when people talk about “PPE” it usually refers to protection you wear at workplace.

List of PPE for workplace

  • Head Protection – Helmet
  • Eye Protection – Goggles
  • Hearing Protection – Earplugs/ Hearing band
  • Breathing Protection – Respirator/ Face mask
  • Body Protection – Coverall/ Gown
  • Hand Protection – Gloves
  • Foot Protection – Safety shoes


  • Falling Protection

Each PPE must follow its own standards, and there are tricks to picking the right model. As a coverall expert, ULTITEC offers multiple methods to assist you in choosing the coverall best suited for your workplace.

If you would like to learn the essential steps of how to choose a proper coverall for your workplace, here is an article for you to read:

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