ULTITEC 4000: Comprehensive Defense with EN ISO 27065 C2

It is inevitable for workers in the Agricultural Industry to contact various chemicals, include but not limit to Pesticides, Fertilizers, Growth Regulators, Soil Conditioners, etc. And today we will be focusing on the most widely used chemicals in this industry: Pesticides.

Pesticides are widely used in the Agricultural Industry to control weeds, insect infection, and diseases. There are many different types of pesticides, and most of them are potentially toxic to humans, even those labeled as organic. Hence, it is very important that your coverall has passed ISO 27065, which is “Performance requirements for protective clothing worn by operators applying pesticides and for re-entry workers”.

The key aspect of EN ISO 27065 include:

  • Material and Seam Resistance
  • Design Requirements
  • Comfort and Durability

There are 3 different levels, C3 being the highest and C1 being the lowest. If you are interested in learning more about EN ISO 27065, you can read thearticle on our website for further information.

Based on the information above, here is the recommendation from ULTITEC:

Numerous Chemicals Defense & Liquid Jet Resistant Protective Clothing

  • Protect against hazardous pressurized liquid chemicals.
    *Check chemical permeation data for safe usage.
  • Pass EN ISO 27065 and reach level C2, suitable for wearers when applying pesticides.
  • Sealed seam with compatible chemical-proof tape.

Level C2:
Protection for low-level spray pesticide. It can be used as the base protective clothing with additional items worn when the potential risk is relatively higher.

If you are interested in ULTITEC 4000 or would like to learn more about other protective clothing, contact us derekduck@derekduck.com!

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