Specific Features Designed for Optimum Protection_ULTITEC 4000&ULTITEC 5000

Regarding selecting appropriate chemical protection PPE, besides implemented sophisticated fabric with all seams covered by highly compatible chemical resistance tape, ULTITEC further enhance on specific features designed for frontline operators to “Act without fear!” when facing extremely hazardous conditions.

These detailed elements being considered on ULTITEC 4000 and ULTITEC 5000 as to optimize comfortability while maintaining superior protection in workplace, namely chemicals, liquid jets, infective agents and leaking fuel which will further arouse workplace safety issues.

By having these specific features combining with chemical proof fabric and seam construction, both protective clothing reaches protection level Type 3 as an effective barrier against directional liquid jets, wide range of both organic and inorganic chemicals, and biological hazards, hence becoming an excellent protection while maintaining working efficiency.

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