Partial Body Protection Against Liquid Hazard

Partial body protection is an alternative that assists frontline workers in protecting against liquid, oil and grease, or biological hazards. The risks below are often exposed to workers while performing their jobs.

1. Liquid hazards: These can result in skin irritation, burns, or more severe health issues.

2. Biological hazards: Viruses or bacteria can cause illness or disease.

3. Oil and grease hazards: These can result in skin irritation, chemical burns, or even poisoning.

ULTITEC 2000 liquid proof accessories below can be worn to create a barrier between these hazards and the skin, reducing the risk of exposure and injury.

Partial body protection is effective in protecting workers by offering flexibility, mobility, and customization, but it is only one aspect of a comprehensive safety program. Proper training and safe working practices are equally crucial to minimize exposure risk and ensure worker safety.

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