Coverall Recommendation for Dealing with Bird Flu

The frequency of Avian Influenza (also known as Bird Flu) outbreaks worldwide has increased over the past few years due to factors such as intensive poultry farming, climate change, and the mutation and reassortment of viruses.

To address the issue of Avian Influenza on a poultry farm, several actions are recommended, including culling and disinfecting. By implementing these measures, the chances of eliminating Avian Influenza are significantly improved.

Even though it is rare for human beings to catch Avian Influenza, it is still recommended to wear proper protection due to the reasons below:

  • Prevent virus from spreading to non-contaminated areas
  • Protect frontline workers’ safety from contamination when cleaning, disinfecting, and using chemicals
  • Avoid staff from infected by virus

The recommended coverall features

  • EN 14126: Since it is highly possible to contact faeces, blood, and viruses during the culling and disinfection process, it is suggested to wear a coverall with EN 14126 standard.
  • Water Resistant: To protect you from contaminated liquid and liquid form disinfectant

Recommendation from ULTITEC

Coverall, protective clothing for bird flu