Breathability Is Important for Your Coverall

We often stress that protection level and comfortability are both very important when it comes to selecting a protective garment for frontline workers. The reason is that a comfortable garment makes the wearer willing to wear longer and extend protection for a longer time. And the key to ensuring optimal comfort lies in one crucial factor: breathability.

With that in mind, we encourage you to check for 2 indexes on the SPEC sheet: MVTR and Ret Value.


Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate

Higher values indicate that vapor and moisture are removed more effectively, and it can be used to determine how comfortable a coverall is to wear.

Ret value 

Resistance to Evaporating Heat Transfer

The lower the Ret value, the lower the resistance to moisture transfer and, as a result, with better breathability.

Here are 2 suggested models with highly breathable performance for different workplaces.

In conclusion, by considering MVTR and Ret Value figures on the SPEC sheet, frontline workers can find a coverall that reach both liquid protection and breathability.

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