Body Protection for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Workers in the Pharmaceutical Industry face numerous risks, including Chemicals, APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), Biological, and Particulate Hazards. Therefore, the appropriate coverall is crucial for safety and to avoid cross-contamination.

ULTITEC Suggestion

Handling APIs

Handling APIs

  • Task: Measuring, weighing, and transferring APIs for formulation or further processing.
  • Risks: Hazardous particulates and powder.
  • Requirement: Protection against particulates, Anti-static.

Compounding, kneading, and Mixing

  • Task: Combining various substances, both wet and dry ingredients.
  • Risks: Chemical liquid, hazardous particulates.
  • Requirement: Protection for liquid chemicals, biological hazards, APIs
    *Extended protection for arm and foot area is recommended.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Task: Cleaning of production areas. Inspecting, repairing, and calibrating equipment.
  • Risks: Residual chemicals and APIs, biological hazards, cleaning agents
  • Requirement: Protection against heavy liquid, particulates, and biological hazards
    *Extended protection for foot area and torso is recommended

In conclusion, ensuring worker safety requires a comprehensive evaluation of risks and the environment. To enhance protection and prevent cross-contamination, it is highly recommended to wear extended protection such as Apron, Sleeve or Boot cover as needed. For more information, please contact us at

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