ULTITEC 1800: Comprehensive Defense Against Industrial Risks

Using protective clothing in a general industrial environment is crucial for several important reasons, primarily focusing on the health and safety of workers. It is also important to note that it can prevent cross-contamination during tasks. To maximize these effects, it’s important to select the appropriate type of coveralls for the specific hazards and conditions of the workplace.

Here are the things to consider, when selecting a coverall:

Chemical Resistant

Exposure to harmful chemicals can cause harm such as skin irritations and allergy. Hence, it is important to have barriers to prevent direct contact with these harmful substances.

Liquid & Oil Proof

Both liquids ands oil play critical roles in industrial operations. Serving purpose such as cooling, cleaning, or involved in manufacturing process. When working with these fluids, selecting protective clothing that can protect you against fluid is highly recommended.

Particulate Protection

This includes dust, fibers, and metal particles generated during the manufacturing process. While these substances may seem harmless, when contact with skin can cause illness or discomfort.

What else to consider beside hazards?

Since most of the time, workers need to wear protective clothing for long hours. It is also important to have high-breathability.

Combine the description above, here is ULTITEC recommendation:

Oil & Liquid Splash Resistant Protective Clothing

  • Widely applied in multiple industries with its liquid splash protection capabilities.
  • Enhance your wearing experience with highly breathable fabric. (Ret value: 9.3 m²*Pa/W)
ULTITEC 1800 Application in different industries
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