Flame-Retardant vs. Flame-Resistant Protective Clothing

In the industry, there are two types of FR protective clothing: flame-retardant and flame-resistant. While they share common features like self-extinguishing properties and reducing burn risk, they are distinct in material and unique characteristics for different situations. In simple terms, flame- retardant clothing lacks heat resistance and may increase the risk of burn injuries.

Definition of Flame-Retardant and Flame-Resistant

  • Flame-retardant is a material treated with chemicals to make it less flammable. This means that it will not easily ignite or will self-extinguish upon ignition.
  • Flame-resistant is a material’s ability to withstand fire without catching fire or burning. This means that it will not burn when exposed to heat or flames.

Flame-resistant clothing offers superior protection against fires and temperature, making it widely applied in industries to prevent burn-related injuries. However, there are three weaknesses associated with flame-resistant protective clothing: liquid absorption, chemical resistance, and cost. Flame resistance can be compromised when the clothing absorbs liquids or chemicals, and many companies may have limited budgets for flame-resistant protective clothing.

An easy way to extend the useful life and reduce the cost of flame protection in a work environment is by wearing disposable flame-retardant protective clothing over the flame-resistant garment. The disposable layer will protect the expensive garments and prevent damage from industrial grease, liquids, or chemicals. Consider ULTITEC 1000FR, a lightweight and breathable solution for providing additional protection to high-priced flame-resistant garments and frontline workers in hazardous heat-based conditions.

Particles, Light Chemical Spray & Flame-Retardant Protective Clothing

  • Fabric meets EN ISO 14116 Index 1, offers limited flame spread protection for your high-price flame resistant garment.
  • Provide protection for chemical hazards.
ULTITEC 1000FR Product Introduction
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