Outbreaks of African Swine Fever could Spill into Southeast Asia Protective Clothing Needed for Disease Control

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China’s recent outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) in its domesticated pigs has been spreading widely since first emerging in August. As the world’s largest pig producer, this epidemic is disastrous as over 40,000 pigs have died or culled, and millions been inspected at farms, markets and abattoirs across China. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), one of the most worrying features of ASF is it can spread over long distances, thus neighboring countries in Southeast Asia are at extremely high risk.

According to CIRAD, the virus carries huge impacts especially devastating socioeconomic consequences towards Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, which have large pig industries. Vietnam is probably at highest risk, considering its common border with China and significant trade between the two countries. Thailand may be less vulnerable if it takes strict biosecurity measures, while insularity could protect the Philippines.

No Cure but Not a Direct Health Risk to Humans

ASF is caused by virus infection that affects only wild and domestic pigs, with no vaccine available. Infection causes skin rash, severe internal bleeding and accumulation of fluid in pig’s lungs. The virus can survive for months in chilled or frozen meat, resulting major threat to food biosecurity, but human consumption of infected pork is harmless as cooking inactivates the virus. Illegal movement of pigs or pork products across borders, improper disposal of food waste at entry ports, swill feeding, and illegal sale of infected pigs all contribute to wider spread of ASF.

Raise Preparedness for Disease Control and Management

The most urgent action needed now is to ensure neighboring countries to prepare for incursion of ASF. The effective measures are:

  1. Enforcement of strict quarantine and biosecurity
  2. Animal movement restrictions and culling infected or exposed herds
  3. Cleaning and disinfection of infected properties

Monitoring surrounding pig farms in preventing secondary outbreaks

Operators are encouraged to wear appropriate protective clothing during disinfection for healthcare concern. ULTITEC 2000 and ULTITEC 3000T are recommended protective suits against liquid splash or particulate and biological agents, due to the premium microporous fabric offers an outstanding barrier against wide range of chemical liquids, blood, body fluid and infective agents. They have met DIN 32781 requirement for protection against pesticides while maintaining comfortability. Besides, their performance is proven for disease control and exceed WHO standard as they have been applied for Ebola infection control previously.

With the above concern, we strongly encourage people in Southeast Asia to have emergency preparedness plans from now onwards. Due to the current virus strain that entered China is highly virulent, it is important to reduce further spread from the same source. Do keep an eye on international updates while try to figure out where and when the virus might make an entry.

ULTITEC In Response to Rapid Growth of PPE Market at TAIWAN EXPO 2018

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It is the 10th anniversary for ULTITEC and we took a great leap forward before the year ends. Taiwan Expo Exhibition 2018 themed “Connect Taiwan, Connect the World” has become international flagship platform for interaction between ASEAN and Southeast Asia countries since the inception of Taiwan government’s “New Southbound Policy”.

ULTITEC chose to participate in both India and Malaysia outings due to published TechSci Research report “India Personal Protection Equipment Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020”, PPE market in India is forecast to grow at a fast pace during year 2015 until 2020. Automotive sector is anticipated to continue dominance over the next few years. While from “Malaysia Oil & Gas Q4 2018” market research report by Fitch Solutions, several large-scale gas projects are materializing and a string of projects will boost Malaysia’s natural gas production over the coming four years.

From educational perspective, attendees managed to have deep awareness on importance of industrial protective clothing and selection of appropriate ULTITEC garment for respective applications under our team’s professional advice. We believe that ULTITEC series will be more widely applied in automobiles, oil & gas industry etc. in future, with ultimate protection particularly from ULTITEC 1000L, ULTITEC 2000 and ULTITEC 4000. Together with global partners we made mission of “Allow every front-line operator to get home safely and resume working the next day” coming true.

Foresee of Positive User Behavior Changes on ULTITEC Series in Philippines

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TOP-RIGID, our partner in the Philippines organized a successful seminar with affirmatory attendance recently in Cebu City, the first class highly urbanized city in the Philippines. Pre-registered participants from various industrial fields attended to gain better comprehension regarding ULTITEC protective clothing series. Although participants came from different professional levels, due to the high degree of interest on ULTITEC series, they paid great attention throughout the seminar and inquired about details on fabric performance, proper usage of protective clothing, features of garment selection etc.

As ULTITEC’s promise of “You are safe with us!” to distributors and users, we managed to apply professional knowledge and experience to all end-user solution smoothly. Besides, correct donning and doffing demonstration is being showcased to attendees and this further aroused confidence and trust in accepting ULTITEC series are the suitable garment selection for them. We believe potential behavior changes are the coming trends which are undeniable in the future. This could be further proven as ULTITEC series especially ULTITEC 1000L is being supplied continuously for all Shell franchises in the Philippines. We sincerely appreciate our partner TOP-RIGID for arranging this extremely successful and meaningful seminar in this beautiful city of the Philippines.

Media Report: ULTITEC 2000 is adopted to do avian influenza prevention by Taiwan authorities on May 2018

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On 2018/5/18, Taiwan government confirmed an avian influenza outbreak in Tainan. Testing result reveals the abnormal death of roues were infected by H5N2. To prevent epidemic from diffusion, the local authorities had culled more than 2,000 geese. The bird flu had caused serious economic losses recently, therefore, governments rises highly attention to any suspected cases.

In this incident, the frontline workers handling the culling wear ULTITEC 2000 to protect themselves from potential hazardous and threat of contamination. It is designed to protect workers against liquid splash or particulate and biological agents.

Generally, there are few important reasons to wear protective clothing for preventing bird flu:

1.Avoid staff from infected by virus when working in the hot zone (infection zone).

2.Prevent the virus from spreading to non-contaminated areas and cause more serious disease outbreak.

3.Protect frontline workers’ safety from contamination when cleaning, disinfecting, and using chemicals.

ULTITEC 2000 passed WHO protective clothing standard for preventing Ebola epidemic. It’s not only waterproof but also breathable. It resist anti-blood, body fluid and even virus.

Photo Credit: The central news agency

ULTITEC obtained positive feedbacks during 2018 Intersec

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The leading security & safety show, 2018 Intersec held from January 21st – 23rd, had completed successfully. The 20th edition of Intersec attracted over 1,300 exhibitors from 59 countries, which gathered nearly 30,000 visitors. As one of the largest and most diverse shows in security & safety area, its influence has spread not only across the Middle East and Africa plus the Indian subcontinent but has gone well beyond.

Derekduck has participated for eighth edition and has a certain reputation in the industry. Many visitors were referred by our client, which shows the clients’ confidence and trust to our product. ULTITEC is committed to provide “right” protective clothing to each workers. We aim to become their ultimate shield and make sure workers go home safely. That is why we attend exhibitions and spend our time communicating to users.

During the exhibition, many clients have concern about the new CE certification application schedule, current certification validation periods, and the supports from Derekduck. Derekduck have made preparation and started to work on the new CE application. As the regulation for workplace safety becomes more and more seriously, PPE providers also put more efforts on CE certification. Derekduck also attach importance to it. Our type 3 to type 6 protective clothing are all testified by third notice Body, assuring the quality and corresponding with local governments PPE regulations.

Latest news about new regulation (EU) 2016/425

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Customize your own solution!

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Derekduck has been devoting itself to protective clothing manufacturing for more than 25 years.  We found that standard protective clothing can protect wearers against hazards, it may not be comfortable or convenient enough for the front line workers. In order to solve user’s painful point, we offer tailor-made service to different industry for the benefit of users comfort and working efficiency.

Following is our customization process:

•Concept- Reviewing the painful point, then define the exact requirements of the application, hazards in environment and protection level.

•Prototype- We make prototype sample accordingly after learning concept.

•Validation- The user will give a trial test on the prototype and provide feedbacks on field test.  We will see if improved sample is required.

•Quotation- The quotation will be offered after the prototype is confirmed.

•Production- Mass production on customized product with training material provided to solve the users requirement.

ULTITEC 2000 for falling protection. Chest hole with cover enables workers’ to hang and the elasticated tube at back side prevent harness protection from being polluted.

ULTITEC 4000 for chemical handling. The well-designed hood meets the respirator perfectly and the zipper on the back enables workers to doff more conveniently.


The New Premium Chemical Protective Coverall, to Meet Us at A+A

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The new launched high-level chemical hazards protection for type 3, ULTITEC 5000, Manufactured from a state of the art composited fabric and compatible chemical-proof tape against directional liquid jets and wide range of both organic and inorganic toxic chemicals.

To know more details of this premium product, please visit Derekduck at A+A show. We can also consult your body protection business!

Derekduck Industries Corp.

  • Exhibition: A+A show, Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Date: 17th-20th
  • Booth: Hall 5 B 01

General Manager of Taiwan CDC Visited Derekduck for Southern Policy Advice

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On August 30th, general manager of Taiwan CDC, Jih-how Chou, and his team visited Derekduck. Taiwan CDC is interested in our medical non-woven products and marketing development strategy for Southern Asia. General manager of Derekduck, Jason Lin, shared several cases of preventing epidemic wearing ULTITEC coverall, our own brand. ULTITEC was founded in 2008, it focuses on Asian market and has gained great success in Southeast Asia. The performance of ULTITEC 2000, ULTITEC 3000T and ULTITEC 4000 all exceeds both WHO protective clothing specification option 1 & 2 for Ebola infection control. In 2014, Derekduck donated 10,000 pieces of ULTITEC 2000 to Taiwan CDC in order to prevent Avain influenza. ULTITEC 2000 is recognized by Taiwan CDC as official medical purchasing item. ULTITEC 3000 is also recognized by COA in Taiwan, Thailand and Myanmar for preventing Avain influenza and other epidemics.

General manager of Taiwan CDC hopes to create business opportunities when implementing Southern policy. Derekduck will also try our best to help Taiwan government in epidemic prevention.

Comfort protective coverall makes your work much easier!

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When the protective clothing design is not suitable for body shape, it would bring so much trouble and risk to the wearers.

In this photo, the workers is forced to tie up the waist the protective in order to get them fitted better in order to avoid the slow movement caused by loosed balloon garment.

If the workers adopt the ergonomic design of the protective clothing, which considered all their needs during working movement.  It is in line with the body shape; meanwhile, keep you enough space to efficiently work.

What is good design for workers?

Fit on body ergonomically

3-piece hood and zipper fasten the edge of chin, The elastic perfectly embracing face curve and head shape can reduce the risk of exposure and seal fit the respirator and goggles.

Fully elasticated waist and Elasticated wrists and ankles which are suitable for body shape. It’s making work more convenient and avoiding particulates getting into clothing.

Freedom of movement

Ample crotch giving more space and sharing the pressure while squatting or crawling; so, can avoid pulling rupture and burst.

Sealed fit & safety

From the shoulder, sleeve to legs, the outline of body shape is no sewing which is to reduce the risk of contamination invasion.

Latex Free! The non-latex rubbers are sewed outside of cuff to reduce allergy attacks.

ULTITEC, you are safe with us!

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